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Families of children (through age 17) with qualifying developmental disabilities and intensive behavioral and/or medical needs who are at risk of out-of-home placement are eligible to apply for the Children’s Extensive Support (CES) waiver. Children must live in the family home, or be able to return to the family home when a CES resource becomes available. CES waives parent income to enable a child to qualify for Medicaid State Plan/EPSDT (public insurance), and access to all that Medicaid covers.


In addition to Case Management and Medicaid, CES can provide families with a wide range of services intended to assist families to keep their child living with their family. Services can include behavioral services, respite, home modification, assistive technology, parent education, and other services. The Case Manager completes the Long Term Care Level of Need assessment with the family, and assists the family with completion of the CES extensive application, detailing the supports needed by the child. Both the application and the assessment are reviewed by a third party nurse reviewer, and, if qualified, the child is placed on a statewide waiting list for the waiver. When notified that a resource is available for that child, the  Case Manager assists with completion of a new application, completes a new Level of Need assessment, assists with Medicaid financial application, and, when all is complete, facilitates completion of a Service Plan that identifies the child’s needs and what services will be accessed through CES to address those needs. The family chooses the providers of their child’s services from a list of qualified, contracted providers provided by the  Case Manager and/or from known or community providers who qualify. The Case Manager continues involvement with the family throughout enrollment in the waiver, through monitoring the services provided, updating plans as needed, and completing annual re-application and plans.


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