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Envision's Human Rights Committee:

Human Rights Committee (HRC) exists to focus on issues concerning people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). It was established by Colorado Law and serves as a third party mechanism. The committee participates in the granting of informed consent, monitors suspensions of rights of persons receiving services, monitors behavior development programs in which persons with I/DD are involved, monitors the use of psychotropic medication use by persons receiving services and ensures investigations of abuse and neglect occur. The committee is comprised, to the extent possible, of two professional persons trained in the application of behavior development techniques, and three representatives of persons receiving services, their parents, legal guardians, or authorized representatives. The committee is entirely volunteer and Envision is always looking for people to participate in this committee.  


If you are interested please contact the HRC Liason, Karen Colasacco at (970) 313-2679 for more  information.  

Family Support Service Program Council:

Family Support Services Program (FSSP) Council is comprised of family members, professionals and interested community members. The Council acts as a guide to the implementation of FSSP at Envision. Council meetings are held quarterly at Envision offices.


If you are interested please contact Celeste Ewert, Program Services Director, at (970) 313-2604 or cewert@envisionco.org.