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Our Mission

Envision, Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities' mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Weld County.

Our Vision

Our Operating Objectives

Envision will collaborate with individuals, families, friends and community partners to coordinate quality, individualized person centered services in a manner that provides choices and effective use of resources.


Envision will provide advocacy and support to assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live the lives they choose.


Envision will encourage the provision of person centered, self-directed services that promote inclusion, dignity, pride, self-worth and independence that create a sense of belonging and responsibility in the community.

Our Core Values

Self-determination/self direction empowers people to determine the direction of their lives and to make informed and responsible choices about services and how to direct their resources.


People supported enjoy and live the lives they choose.


People are valued partners within Colorado’s intellectual and developmental communities, as are their family members when appropriate.


Parents and family members are recognized and valued as the person's first teacher.


The health and safety of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a critical aspect of the decision making process.


Every person who wants to work will be offered the opportunity to do so.


Well-informed and involved advocacy is the responsibility of everyone and contributes to the overall strength and integrity of the service system.


An informed and involved community is a vital resource for natural supports.


All employees are valued professionals who deserve competitive pay and professional development opportunities.


Support and respect the diversity of racial, cultural, religious, and gender differences of people and communities is vital to the success of Envision.


Meaningful partnerships are based on trust an a commitment to people with intellectual and developmental disabliites.


Provision of services should promote inclusive opportunities.


Meaningful partnerships are based upon trust and a commitment to people with intellectual and develpmental disablities.


To achieve our vision and enable true collaboration, it is imperative that the leadership Envision be accessible, forthright, trustworthy, and committed to person centered practices.


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Empowering people to live, love, work and play their way.