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Envision Program Services offers drop-off respite once per month for children and their siblings as well as adults. This is a great opportunity for families and caregivers to get a much needed break each month. We encourage all eligible family members to take advantage of this service, as needed. Click here for our calendar.


Please contact us at the information below in order to reserve your family member a spot at least four days in advance of the scheduled respite day.


Steve Jagielo

Respite Program Facilitator

(970) 590-9402


Tanya Hughes

Day Program Manager

(970) 313-2638


Donna Caballero

Day Program Manager

(970) 313-2647


The following is a list of eligibility criteria:

The person with  an intellectual or developmental disability  lives in the family home.

The participant and siblings must be between the ages of 2-17 to participate in Children’s Respite or 18+ to participate in Adult Respite.

The participant must be actively receiving case management through Envision.


Location and Hours:

Children Respite Programs will be held once a month from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Adult Respite Programs will be held once a month from 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Respite will be held or originate at the Envision offices located at:  1050 37th Street, Evans, CO 80620.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Information:

Your family member’s drop-off time will be 11:00 am and pick-up will be by 5:00 pm for Children’s Respite. For the Adult Respite, drop-off will be 12:00 pm and pick-up will be by 7:00 pm. To ensure the safety of all participants, special drop-off and pick-up times must be arranged prior to the start of the day with the Respite Program Facilitator.


Parents/caregiver must communicate with the Respite Program Facilitator (phone number above), if a participant is to be picked up early.


Similarly, it is the parent’s/caregiver’s responsibility to contact the Respite Program Facilitator if an emergency will cause them to be late picking up their family member.


Lunch/Dinner and Snacks:

Lunch will be provided (generally pizza, salad, vegetables and fruit) for Children’s Respite.

Dinner out will be provided for Adult Respite.

A variety of snacks and water will be provided throughout the day for both programs.

Please bring your own lunch/dinner if you have any dietary restrictions.



We request that all medications be administered prior to the start of the program and after the conclusion of the program if possible.


Medical Treatment:

Our staff are trained and certified in First Aid/CPR through the American Heart Association.


Envision staff will treat for minor injuries; however, we will contact you if your family member experiences:

a seizure that is unusual for them and/or is lasting longer than five minutes.

a temperature that is higher than 100° F or is showing signs of a cold or flu.

nausea or is vomiting

a physical trauma

a sunburn that blisters


A participant will be taken to Urgent Care or the Hospital via ambulance or other means if he/she experiences:

a seizure lasting more than five minutes or a time specified by parents/caregiver

a seizure with no history of seizures

loss of consciousness

broken bone or open wound that may require stitches

a head/neck/back injury


Behavior Policy:

Parents/ caregivers will be contacted if their family member is determined to be unsafe to himself/herself and/or to others.

Parents/caregivers will be contacted if their family member is destroying personal or public property.

It is at the discretion of the Respite Program Facilitator if a participant is sent home due to behavioral issues.


What to Bring:

Weather Permitting Clothing

Lunch/dinner (if there are any dietary restrictions)

Change of clothes/diapers (if necessary)

Sunscreen and bug spray


What Not to Bring:

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted and will be confiscated

Weapons of any kind are not permitted and will be confiscated