Conflict Free Case Management (CFCM)/Case Management Redesign (CMRD)

Residential Services

Envision provides caring and supportive residential services by offering Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS). The residential services include an option of either living in a in Host Home or Personal Care Alternative settings. Host Home Providers (HHP) and Direct Care Professionals (DCP) assist individuals with all areas of daily living skills, while promoting choice and independence for the people we support. HHPs and DCPs are also charged with teaching individuals the skills needed to become more independent, and helping to make well-informed, educated choices about the services they receive. HHPs and DCPs are responsible for ensuring that all identified needs in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) are being met. The primary focus of this program is the health, safety, and welfare of people receiving services.

Residential services include: an assessment of needs and skills, access to 24-hour supervision, transportation, access to behavior services, community activities, daily living skills, such as personal hygiene, nutrition planning and meal preparation, money management, safety/health and medical monitoring, as well as medication monitoring and/or administration.

Supported Community Connections (SCC) & Specialized Habilitative Services (SHS)

The SCC and SHS programs aid in the development of connections, relationships in the community, appropriate socialization skills, community safety skills, builds self-esteem and confidence, and learn important skills while having fun. The SCC and SHS programs provide the people we support, that are not employed, an opportunity to expand their skill base and test out new talents to help craft the future that they desire. Both programs are person-centered and driven by the needs and wants of the people we support. Our SCC and SHS programs partner in collaboration with many local businesses to help expand social networks and help the people we support find meaning within their community. 

Envision’s Art Program 

Envision has an in-house Art Program where participants create paintings, ceramics, and other types of art. Artwork is sold all year long, and 65% of proceeds are returned to the artist while 35% are returned to the program in order to assist in the costs of the overall program. View Online Art Store below to support our artists from the comfort of your home!

Supported Individual Employment

This program offers job coaching/monitoring and support for individual community employment through Medicaid’s DD Waiver or Supported Living Services Waiver programs. Supported individual employment is a well-defined approach to helping people with disabilities participate in the competitive labor market, helping them find meaningful jobs and providing ongoing support from a team of professionals. In order to participate in the program, the individual must be referred by the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

Transportation Services

Transportation is provided to and from home and Day Program. Transportation may be provided through agency vehicles, employee vehicles or public transportation by providing a bus pass for either fixed route or Para-transit services through Greeley-Evans Transit (GET).

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